Drone Hangar

MT-Solutions AS Drone Hangar – a safe haven and logistical platform for your Drone operations.

Globally, we see an increase of Drone operations within a variety of tasks covering almost any industry as defense and security, search and rescue, maritime surveillance, power line inspections, oil & gas operators, agriculture and farming and a lot more.

The list of Drone Operations and Drone purposes grows daily.

This large increase of Drone involved operations will make a demand for a logistics platform that can take care of any operational aspects to ensure safe and efficient handling, autonomous operation and at the same time provide storage and easy maintenance of drones.

MT- Solutions in Stavanger, Norway have undertaken this challenge and developed and tested a solution ideal for companies that are looking for an all in one package.

We call it the Drone Hangar.

For further information about the Drone Hangar or enquiries in regards to fulfill your project requirements, please contact Kenneth Bjørholm at KBJ@mt-solutions.no or mob +47 909 98 667.

Drone hangar

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